Supanova Girl

“Zoom zoom zoom, make my heart go boom boom; my supernova girl” -Proto Zoa 💣

Hello beautiful people! 

In all honesty today I woke up and just didn’t want to match two pieces of clothing SO I went straight to the dress section of my wardrobe and found this baby. 

Every time I see this dress I think of Zenon, which was of my favorite Disney Channel movies growing up, so of course I had to wear it.

This is yet another Black Milk piece; yes I know, I may be a tad bit obsessed HOWEVER how can I resist?? The quality of these pieces are always so amazing, not to mention the fact that they’re completely unique from anything I ever find in other stores.

I paired this dress with my go to white slip on vans and was ready to go for the day. Vans and converse are probably the most comfortable sneakers I’ve ever had on my feet (except my Roshe Runs), I just wish they didn’t get so dirty so easily BUT that’s what you can expect with all white shoes I guess. I honestly might end up painting them, if you have any ideas for me let me know down in the comments!

Now let’s talk about sizing on this dress; normally I’m a small in all things from this brand. This dress however, was made a bit longer (you can see how the fabric rolls up on me), so I probably could’ve gotten an XS and been perfectly fine but since this is a museum piece (it’s no longer being sold) I can’t exchange it. No worries though, I’m just going to get it tailored or tailor it myself. My beautiful readers if you find something you really love but it doesn’t fit quite right, get that sucker tailored! Especially if you know that article of clothing is going to be a staple piece in your wardrobe. 

Regardless of if I bought the wrong size or not, I still love this dress because it’s unique, incredibly comfortable and beyond durable. If you’re interested in investing in pieces like those, make sure to check out Black Milk

Peace and Love to Infinity and Beyond!

Buns Out!


4 thoughts on “Supanova Girl

  1. Hey, fellow gryffindraft,
    How are you doing? You seem to not have received the notification that the House Cups have started.
    Our common room seems empty without you.
    There are many tasks more to come and we need you.
    So hurry up and come to the common room.

    P.s. – You are so pretty 😀

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